Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boys With Beards With Cats -- How Is This a Blog?

I mean, I get the equation behind Boys With Beards With Cats: If boy + beard = cute and boy + cat = cute, then boy + beard + cat = cuteness overload.

But, should there be a whole blog about this? And for that matter, at what point are you (Tumblr mastermind who loves boys, beards and cats and who some might label "crafty") going to run out of pictures? How will you ever keep this up? Surely there aren't that many bearded dudes who are fans of felines. Or, am I wrong?

The initial response from my Facebook friends who I shared this with: "I enjoyed that more than I should have," someone admitted with reluctance. Another had asked a bearded friend who (hopefully) owns a kitten why he's not on it -- well at least not yet. And others just find it utterly hilarious.

What's the girl equivalent? Girls With Big Boobs With Video Games? Meh.

UPDATE at 10:10 p.m.: Just asked my boyfriend to grow a beard and buy me a cat so we can stay relevant. Damn it, Tumblr!

Photo: Tumblr/Boys With Beards With Cats